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“Sidewalk Angels continues to be a major supporter of Pets Alive and our lifesaving efforts. We are so grateful for their continued and commitment to our organization. Pets Alive has been able to save many, many companion animals over the years because of Sidewalk Angels. We’re so grateful for this donation and our continued partnership.” – AUDREY LODATO, Executive Director, Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, Middletown, NY
“Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a true foundation helping those less fortunate. They have supported Chattanooga Room in the Inn, a program for homeless women and children. The contribution helped our operating expenses to provide help and hope for 73 individuals last year. Additionally, their process is simpler than that of other foundations, which leaves our time free to provide the services to our community’s most vulnerable individuals.” – Erin Creal, Executive Director, Chattanooga Room in the Inn
“The Tunica Humane Society is made up of a handful of volunteers that seek to provide a safe haven for our County’s homeless and abandoned animals. For two years, we have struggled with funding with little support coming from our local government. We basically have survived on a prayer. Being embraced by Sidewalk Angels Foundation has meant everything to us. We now have hope for the future of our small shelter and for all of the precious animals we are fighting so desperately to save. The support we are receiving from Sidewalk Angels Foundation has renewed out faith and our endurance.” – Sandy Williams, Director, Tunica Humane Society
“Without the support of Sidewalk Angels Foundation, we would not be able to have saved 1,200 dogs in just 20 months. They have provided funding at the most critical times for us, especially this past winter when South Carolina saw record low temperature and animals were at risk of freezing to death in the shelter. With their help, we have been able to save so many lives and rescue dogs that would have otherwise never gotten a chance at life. We are forever indebted to Sidewalk Angels Foundation for their partnership in our life-saving mission.” – Judith Langmaid, Web Administer, Last Chance Animal Rescue