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About Sidewalk Angels Foundation

Sidewalk Angels Foundation is dedicated to providing critically needed funds and support to over 20 no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues, across the country, that help to fight for the rights and fair treatment of those with no voice.

Organizations doing amazing work, that desperately need our help to continue with animal rescues, adoptions, building proper shelter facilities, getting proper medical care, low cost spay and neuter programs, helping to teach childrenkindness and compassion through animals, and advocacy programs such as fighting against cruelty and working to fight against breed discrimination. The foundation also works with homeless shelters that provide for the displaced by meeting thephysical needs of people and their pets in crisis; so that families in need are not forced to give up their pets.

In past years, we’ve helped rescues with no physical structure other than some fencing and sheds, and no real funding, to build proper facilities with indoor and outdoor kennels. We were also able to help organizations across the United States with big cross-country rescues and large medical expenses incurred during these rescues.

Sidewalk Angels is also committed to helping organizations dedicated to increasing public awareness through educational programs that focus on the frequency of violent crimes against animals, and the correlation between animal abuse and violent behavior towards people.

Our hope is for Sidewalk Angels to continue togrow so that we will be able to help twice as many animal organizations across the US in the coming years, while continuing to make real change in helping those who have no voice.