Testimonial from SWA 2013 grant recipient – Karma Cat & Zen Dog Rescue Society

We are setting aside the majority of the money to outfit a ~800 sq ft sanctuary/adoption space for our cats. The project has been delayed a little bit due to some unrelated circumstances but we fully expect to complete this in the early portion of 2014. I really look forward to sending you pictures of that! It will be a (mostly) cage-free living space for 20 to 40 cats and kittens. (Cages will be used for baby kittens and introductory periods for new cats).

However, with the grant money, we have been able to take on a Spina Bifida kitten that would have likely been euthanized if she was surrendered to a shelter. Her name is Jessica Rabbit and she is doing very well in her foster home. X-rays and a (very expensive) CT scan confirmed her deformities. The veterinarians believe that she is not in pain and can live a long and happy life – even if she bunny-hops to get around. I’ve attached a picture so you can see how cute she is.

Happy Holidays!
Christie Arlotta
Executive Director

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