Testimonial from Sidewalk Angels Foundation 2013 recipient – Chattanooga Room In The Inn

Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a true blessing to small nonprofits serving the most vulnerable in their communities.  Chattanooga Room in the Inn is a program that teaches women and children how not to be homeless at no cost to the clients.  With a skeleton crew and hundreds of volunteers, we provide the support necessary for them to reach permanent housing and self-sufficiency.  We can house up to ten families at a time and incur all the costs it takes to run a household.  With the support from Sidewalk Angels, we can focus more on our mission and less on fundraising.  We are so honored and grateful for the gifts we have received!

Erin Creal

Executive Director

Chattanooga Room in the Inn

(423) 624-6144

(f) 624-6061


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