Testimonial from Equine-Rescue 2013 SWA grant recipient

For the past 18 years, Equine Rescue Inc. ( ) has been helping horses in need.  We care for victims of abuse and neglect that are in critical condition.  Working closely with veterinarians and law enforcement – we remove the animals to the farm we rent for rehabilitation and ultimately – adoption.  We are a no kill organization that provides care for our horses– for life.  If we can’t find for them a forever home they stay with us and they are always welcome back.  Caring for healthy horses is very costly – caring for injured and starved horses is astronomical!  We do it all by raising our own funds through donations and grants and with all volunteer help.  We are currently caring for 31 horses.
Sidewalk Angels has been a huge help for the past few years!  With the funds that they have sent us we are able to continue with the best possible care that we can provide for our horses.  Their willingness and wanting to help the ‘smaller’ organizations has been life changing for ERI.  We are deeply grateful for their support!  Thank you Sidewalk Angels!!
Lynda Roemer
Equine Rescue Inc.

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