Testimonial from 2013 grant recipient: Tunica Humane Society

The Tunica Humane Society was founded in 2008.   From the very beginning, we were determined to prove that a NO-KILL Shelter could work in the Mississippi Delta because we felt so strongly that the homeless and hurting animals of our community deserved a chance at life.    We started with no resources and worked under the most primitive of conditions in a makeshift outdoor shelter.  But we were saving dogs and lots of them.  We always felt that if we worked hard and stayed the course, eventually someone would come to our aid and help ease our burden of caring for these animals all alone.  That is exactly what happened when Sidewalk Angels Foundation became aware of our small organization.   With their initial donation to THS, we were able to purchase a tract of land and an old building in the country.  That building today houses approximately  150 dogs and cats on any given day and we have placed thousands of others in loving forever homes.  With Sidewalk Angels yearly donations to our shelter, we are able to provide the very best medical care available for our animals.   But Sidewalk Angels did so much more for us than just provide us funding.  When they believed in a handful of volunteers that were trying so hard to make a difference in the lives of these animals, we began to believe in us and we have gone to accomplish so much more than we ever imagined.    

Sandy Williams
Executive Director
Tunica Humane Society

To learn more about the Tunica Humane Society, you can visit our website at
 or visit our public facebook page and LIKE our page to view our daily postings from our shelter.


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