PetsAlivePuertoRico – 2013 SWA recipient – forever grateful to SWA

Pets Alive Puerto Rico is very thankful to Rob and Marisol Thomas and the Sidewalk Angels Foundation.  They provided the initial funding for Pets Alive Puerto Rico,  and they are the driving force behind our mission to end the problem of stray, unwanted and abandoned dogs that roam the streets of Puerto Rico.  Since the sanctuary opened in April of 2012, PAPR has rescued more than 600 dogs from all across the island.  Every single one of the dogs we rescue has a medical need, and some are in critical condition.  This year’s annual gift from the SWAF is helping to fund a new wing that will house medical and surgical rooms where we will nurse these dogs back to health and find them the loving homes that they deserve.  THANK YOU Sidewalk Angels Foundation. Your generosity is helping to change the world for the dogs of Puerto Rico, and we are so grateful for your love and support!

Please visit ( to learn more about Pets Alive Puerto Rico, including how you can come visit on an “Animal Lover’s Retreat”.  And please “like” us on Facebook (\petsalivepuertorico) and “follow us” on Twitter(\petsalivepr) to keep up with all that is going on through our daily posts.


Joy Sarnelli Carson
Executive Director, Pets Alive Puerto Rico
PO Box 1904
Utuado, PR 00641

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