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Testimonial from Sidewalk Angels Foundation 2013 recipient – Chattanooga Room In The Inn

Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a true blessing to small nonprofits serving the most vulnerable in their communities.  Chattanooga Room in the Inn is a program that teaches women and children how not to be homeless at no cost to the clients.  With a skeleton crew and hundreds of volunteers, we provide the support necessary for them to reach permanent housing and self-sufficiency.  We can house up to ten families at a time and incur all the costs it takes to run a household.  With the support from Sidewalk Angels, we can focus more on our mission and less on fundraising.  We are so honored and grateful for the gifts we have received!

Erin Creal

Executive Director

Chattanooga Room in the Inn

(423) 624-6144

(f) 624-6061

Testimonial from 2013 grant recipient: Tunica Humane Society

The Tunica Humane Society was founded in 2008.   From the very beginning, we were determined to prove that a NO-KILL Shelter could work in the Mississippi Delta because we felt so strongly that the homeless and hurting animals of our community deserved a chance at life.    We started with no resources and worked under the most primitive of conditions in a makeshift outdoor shelter.  But we were saving dogs and lots of them.  We always felt that if we worked hard and stayed the course, eventually someone would come to our aid and help ease our burden of caring for these animals all alone.  That is exactly what happened when Sidewalk Angels Foundation became aware of our small organization.   With their initial donation to THS, we were able to purchase a tract of land and an old building in the country.  That building today houses approximately  150 dogs and cats on any given day and we have placed thousands of others in loving forever homes.  With Sidewalk Angels yearly donations to our shelter, we are able to provide the very best medical care available for our animals.   But Sidewalk Angels did so much more for us than just provide us funding.  When they believed in a handful of volunteers that were trying so hard to make a difference in the lives of these animals, we began to believe in us and we have gone to accomplish so much more than we ever imagined.    

Sandy Williams
Executive Director
Tunica Humane Society

To learn more about the Tunica Humane Society, you can visit our website at
 or visit our public facebook page and LIKE our page to view our daily postings from our shelter.

Sidewalk Angels mailing address

We apologize for the problems many supporters/donors have incurred while trying to send mail to our mailing address. We had a bit of glitch for a while now, but we have worked out the problem with the post office.  Please feel free to send any corresondence etc to Sidewalk Angels Foundation, P.O. Box 356,  Bedford Hills, NY 10507.  Thank you so much for your patience while this was getting resolved.



Samsung celebrated its annual star-studded Hope for Children Gala on June 11 featuring celebrity guests Tony Bennett, John Legend and Rob Thomas. The event, held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City, honored Samsung’s guests and partners who have helped to improve children’s lives across the U.S.

“Sidewalk Angels Foundation, our nonprofit, provides critically needed funds to grassroots organizations that support numerous causes, including animal rescue and advocacy and childhood health and wellness. We are excited to be connected to Samsung’s Hope for Children, a program that has done great things to improve children’s health and well-being.”

To read the full Samsung press release, click here —

Sidewalk Angels Foundation reaching out to Hurricane Sandy damaged rescues!

Sidewalk Angels Foundation is currently reaching out to rescues greatly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. We have already reached out and helped The Staten Island Feral Initiative, Inc. in Staten Island, BIDEAWEE Hospital in NYC and Bobbi and The Strays in Freeport Long Island.  We will continue helping out as many as we can. Thank you for your generous donations at this time. We could never do this without your continued help and support.

Rob & Marisol Thomas at Super Adoption Event in Mt. Kisco New York

Pets Alive of Middletown New York held a super adoption event this past weekend and Marisol and Rob Thomas attended with their own pups, Samy & Ollie, giving support to the sanctuary and love to all the animals.  The event was a huge success with many dogs and cats going home.

New Sidewalk Angels Benefit Shows Announced!!!

These are the only scheduled performances for 2013 – don’t miss them! Click here for info.

$350,000 Gift Launches Pets Alive Puerto Rico Animal Sanctuary

New York – Pets Alive, one of the nation’s oldest and largest no kill animal rescue and advocacy organizations has officially launched Pets Alive Puerto Rico a rescue project that is working with residents in moving the local culture towards progressive and lasting permanent change in the humane treatment of animals. The project launch was made possible by dedicated board members Marisol and Rob Thomas who made a personal gift of $125,000 and another of $225,000 through their Sidewalk Angels Foundation.

The Utuado based Pets Alive Puerto Rico Animal Sanctuary and Bed and Breakfast is located on 6 lush acres high upon a mountaintop, and is the first of its kind in Puerto Rico. It is the third rescue location for the internationally recognized New York based no kill organization.

Puerto Rico, although one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the United States, has tens of thousands of abandoned and abused animals wandering the streets and beaches starving and struggling to survive. And while many Puerto Rico residents have a great love for, and are dedicated to provide care for the abandoned animals, there are many who recklessly toss away unwanted pets, leaving them on the street to fend for themselves. The residents of Puerto Rico want change, but are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of animals in need, and they lack the resources to solve the problem.

Pets Alive is committed to meeting that need and to permanently changing the culture in Puerto Rico, ending the abandonment and abuse of animals. They are working to provide affordable spay and neuter, implement a workable islandwide TNR program (trap, neuter, release), provide Humane Education and responsible pet ownership, and promote local adoptions through community outreach.

“As board members of Pets Alive, we are sure that Pets Alive Puerto Rico (PAPR) will be an extension of the same sensibilities that Pets Alive Middletown and Pets Alive Westchester (PAWS) have shown since the very beginning. Focusing on care, rehabilitation, education and, above all, the commitment to the “no kill” agenda. It’s an organization that we are proud to be a part of and to support.” commented Marisol and Rob Thomas.

Pets Alive has already saved more than 100 animals at the Puerto Rico sanctuary. To keep this project running strong, Pets Alive needs additional funding and support from animal lovers across the United States.

The sanctuary in Utuado also serves as a bed & breakfast for volunteers and animal lovers who come from all over the world to work alongside the rescue team in Puerto Rico. At the end of their stay, volunteers have the opportunity to escort animals back to the mainland for adoption at one of the New York Pets Alive facilities.

This isn’t the first venture into Puerto Rico for Pets Alive. For two years they have been working remotely in Puerto Rico to rescue and provide medical care for the animals along the beaches and transporting them to their 80 acre sanctuary in the Hudson Valley region of New York for adoption. Now the abandoned and abused animals of Puerto Rico have some new friends in town committed to their rescue, and they are in it for the long haul. Stay tuned for drastic change, permanently.

To make a secure donation online, please visit Please donate medical supplies, Kuranda beds, Igloos.

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