Letter of gratitude from Equine Rescue Inc.

Dear SideWalk Angels,
Last year you supported Equine Rescue Inc. in a big way.
We wanted to tell you what we did with your money.
Thanks to you, we changed the lives of 12 horses that were victims of extreme cruelty.  They came to us starved and beaten – both physically and emotionally.  With the funds you provided to us, we were able feed them, provide much needed medical care and most of all we were able to love them back to health. You should see them now!  We are so proud of the work you help us do.
We know that there are hundreds of rescue organizations that must vie for your attention, and we wanted to let you know that we feel blessed and encouraged that last year you chose to support US. We hopeful that in 2014 – The Year Of The Horse – you will again have faith in us. 
This year we are faced with a loan that is coming due in March. If we don’t raise the money, we may be faced with shutting our doors to any more horses for the foreseeable future.  We are hoping that you will consider another donation to help us, (and to help the horses of our community) once again run across green pastures.  No one here takes a salary.  We are all working ONLY because of the love we have for these amazing animals.
We thank you for your support in the past and ask that you please consider supporting us again this year.
With warm regards,
Lynda Roemer
Equine Rescue Inc.

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