COLOSSAL CANINE CARE – 2013 SWA grant recipient Testimonial

Colossal Canine Care is proud to have been the recipient of a 2013 grant from Sidewalk Angels Foundation. Because of the support of SWA, Colossal has been able to rescue last chance dogs from certain death including Brutus who was an 8 year old Bullmastiff with a massive tumor and dumped at a kill shelter to die. Colossal was able to give him a loving home until his tumor ruptured. Colossal was also able to rescue Molly, an 8 1/2 year old beautiful English Mastiff with a mass on her foot that turned out to be spindle cell sarcona. Molly is living in a loving home and playing like she’s a puppy. Colossal has even been able to rescue Buster, a 14 year old Red Heeler who was living as an outside dog his entire life. The temperatures in Las Vegas were going to be nearly 120 degrees that weekend when Colossal knocked on the owner’s door and talked him into surrendering Buster. He’s now in a loving home as an indoor dog and enjoying every minute of being spoiled, as he deserves to be. These are just a few of the pups who were given a chance at life and love because of the support of Sidewalk Angels. We, and they, are truly thankful.
Colossal Canine Care

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