Bully Breed Rescue Inc. a great rescued helped by Sidewalk Angels, helping to save this great breed.

This is a testimonial by President Heidi Lueders:

  “Bully Breed Rescue Inc. is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to the rescuing and rehoming of dogs in the pit bull class, including American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, bulldogs, and pit bull mixes. Our mission is to find forever homes and improve the reputation of this wonderful yet misunderstood breed.
We primarily take in dogs from kill shelters, owner surrenders, and neglectful situations.  Currently, Bully Breed Rescue Inc. has 16 homeless dogs in our care awaiting their adoptive homes.  We provide complete medical care, housing, food, training and stability.  We have averaged as many as 35 dogs in the rescue’s care at one time.  In 2010, we matched 73 dogs with their perfect forever families. Our adoption track record is excellent because of the methods we use to evaluate, train and place our dogs into their forever homes.  Every dog accepted into Bully Breed Rescue Inc. goes through at least a two week rest and stabilization period, so they can then be carefully evaluated.  Training is given as needed and adopters are rigorously vetted to ensure the best match possible. While these methods take longer and cost more, our successful adoption rate speaks for itself.
            While adoptions are our primary function, our outreach initiative to help people keep their pets is critical to our mission. We offer help with behavioral training or basic needs to help prevent more animals from entering the shelter systems or becoming public nuisance as strays on the streets. We have in the past coordinated the distribution of donated dog food to pet food pantries and connected pet owners in need of financial help with these other sources.
            Education is the third part of our mission. A major part of education is awareness.  Our goal would be to go into schools and after-school programs, to educate youths about dog fighting, breed discrimination, abuse and neglect, and why it is damaging not only to dogs, but to the community as well. Highlighting the prevention of unwanted litters, as well as unwanted health problems in pets is also key, by stressing the importance of spaying and neutering.  We have recently been working on creating a pilot program with a local youth center to involve teens directly with rescue, rehabilitation, and proper animal care.  This will help teach teens responsibility and hopefully to value and care for all animals.
With help from SWA and their amazingly generous grant, we have been able to continue to save homeless, neglected, and unwanted animals from lives on the streets or euthanasia in shelters. We are also able to help owners in need of financial assistance and public outreach and education with the resources provided monetarily from SWA. We, and our homeless dogs, are extremely grateful for their gift and can not begin to explain our gratitude! Thank you so much!
     Heidi Lueders
     Bully Breed Rescue Inc.

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