ASLAN CATS – 2013 SWA Grant Recipient/testimonial doing amazing things!

Dearest Sidewalk Angels ,

Your most generous grant has helped Aslans’s Cats enormously.

Feline Leukemia positive cats need a lot of veterinary care, much more than cats negative of the disease.

The Sidewalk Angels Foundation Grant enabled us to bring the cats to the vet as soon as we would perceive the slightest change in behavior / symptoms.

We were also able to get many cats complete dental work, which actually saved their lives, as they were suffering terribly from the pain of having bad teeth and gums.

We are now able  to do more intensive bloodwork on every cat that we bring to the vet .

To have enough money to be able to give these cats the proper care is a blessing, as it has increased the quality and length of their lives.


We cannot thank you enough.

God Bless you.

Sincerely ,

Sabrina Hansen & Hilary Harris

Founders of Aslans Cats.

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