2013 SWA grant recipient – the animal house jamaica

2013 has been a special year for us and not just because it is our tenth anniversary as a formal charity.  It has been special because we have been able to help more of Jamaica’s forgotten animals than ever before by being able to successfully  treat some of the worse cases of cruelty and neglect we have ever seen – being able to spay and neuter all animals on admission (as well as many dogs and cats in the adjoining community) –  being able to build new kennels to relieve an overcrowding situation that had existed since Hurricane Sandy 2012 –  and being able to expand our program of teaching Jamaica’s children kindness and compassion through our animals. We would not have been able to do all of this without the generous support of the aptly-named Sidewalk Angels Foundation. Thank you SWAF. We send blessings from Jamaica.



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